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Frank… June 22, 2008

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Oh!!! Frank, Frank, Frank!!! buckets of rain at first and today was just insane.. really strong winds.. started at dawn and I didn’t sleep much at all. Swoooshing, howling and some banging sound not a good thing when you want to sleep at all… When the wind finally calmed down right after lunch, I asked Phoebe if would like to have her pictures taken outside with the stong wind blowing and she was game.. she had no problem with it, she thought it was fun.. always pretending to be blown away and Mommy has to rescue all the time.

I have a lot of photos to share. Dan even said that I made my babies just so I can photograph them. LoLz!!! we went out twice, the first time was right after lunch which the second time was when we realized that our neighbors gigantic palm tree was uprooted!!! thank God! because I hated that tree .. and it didn’t hit our house that was the most important thing.
the ff photos were taken when we went out the second time..
this is the sweetest picture ever yet..
cutesy little pose
rediculous laugh, the wind has picked up so hard and has blown her hair hard and she thought it’s so funny.
she looks so grown up here.
Daddy and Phoebe.
Later that afternoon a nieghbor’s gigantic palm tree was uprooted due to the strong winds. Thank God for that!!! I hated that tree, ugly and it’s way too big for the place. Good thing also it fell on top of our roof but instead it went kaboom by the road and nobody got hurt. So we all checked it out and yet again I took some pics of Phoebe.
Thanks for looking. Happy weekend.



Hub and Me.. June 21, 2008

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It’s pretty rare to see both of us in a photograph lately. One obvious reason is, I love to take the picture myself.. LoLz!!! But today my DD who is five yrs old by the way, had a brilliant idea, that she wanted to take Mommy and Daddy picture… And we sure did ham it up for her.

Precious isn’t it?.. 

I love my Hub..



My first.. June 20, 2008

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This is my first post here in wordpress. I’m so looking forward to post gigantic pictures.


oatmeal… June 19, 2008

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You might have noticed I’ve started to put my name on my pictures. That’s because I store my blog photos in flicker and I’m being paranoid of my photos being used somewhere inappropriate. But there is really no telling what happens to a photograph once it’s out there but at least they will have to work hard on erasing my name off of it before they can use it. Very rampant in Brazil, teenagers who are Orkut users love to role play.. how sad is that, and they will pick a child’s photograph out from the flicker pool and use it. They will make stories and make a make believe person from these photographs… I was already contacted by a stranger asking permission if she could use one of my photo that of Phoebe. I was just lucky I heard all about this before I responded to her, so then I blocked her. That’s not even half of the story. There is a lot of crazy things going on out here in the cyber world that we should be mindful about. Scary and sickening but these won’t stop me from sharing my pictures and putting them here. I’m using this as a journal in my photography journey… in a way this helps me to improve also..
On a lighter note:
Oatmeal is what I see in this pictures. Creamy, gritty and yummy… I don’t know where I get these comparisons..lolz!  taken his morning soon after she rose from bed. She was still stretching and in a good mood. Lovely light pouring in the living area…  makes some great photographs..

and one more!!!

she even took one of me!!





old newspaper.. June 18, 2008

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I took this set this morning while she was looking thru this book. I wanted to post a black and white since I haven’t really done much of it lately. I was into really saturated colors and high key ones which are my favorites  and my husband always ask me why I like over exposed pictures!!! my number one critique…hmmmm.. walay magbu-ot nako!!!!
 This post processing reminds me of a really old newspaper. The ones used para iputus ug buwad sa tabo-an!!! the one with yellowish tinged to it na tungud sa kada-an.

Onie loves that book.





lunch with grandpa… June 16, 2008

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Had lunch with grandpa last saturday. It was a big group. Onie was surprisingly calm when she was held by him. Because she usually is scared around new faces. We didn’t stay out too long because DH has to leave for Bohol for a bike ride and we have to catch the boat and Me and the girls has a birthday party to go to..

grandpa and Onie

my two girls with grandpa

here is with Audrey

and Audrey brought a friend with her

and with Phoebe

and the goofballs again

and lastly the BFF’s..
I’m just lovin’ Audrey’s eyes here..


Mikele’s 2nd Bday… June 15, 2008

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Mikele’s second birthday was last Saturday at SM storyland. My daughter’s had a blast.. Games and prizes and top it with unlimited rides afterwards.. Phoebe has gone crazy with the rides.. even Onie had fun with the rides.. 
Here are a few of the pictures.. kinda noisy, dark in that place and I didn’t use any flash. Why? kay di ko kabalo mogamit!!!.

Birthday girl.. MIKELE..
isn’t she pretty? you will know why in a bit..

her BFF..  Natalia

Kaela.. the youngest of the guest.. only 10 months…

another of Mikele.. look at the pure innocence in those eyes

cute kaau .. nagkabulinggit!

Mikele meeting one of here guest.. I like the hat here..heehhehe. covering her face..

with her Daddy.. Noy..

with Mommy.. Amalee
now do you understand why she is beautiful?

Yakyak!!! thanx girl for being so patient waiting for me to get my shot right..

this is Big!!!
he was born kinda big… hence he got that nickname..
difficult to photograph.. turns his head everytime I aim at him..

Allysa.. busy with her coloring.. looks at me.. And I just can feel that stare, telling me.. hmmmm.. there you go.. you are just like my mommy.. taking my pictures all the time.. leave me alone!!!! heheehe.. 

Mika.. one of my favorite faces to photograph.. but unfortunately, I didn’t really got a good shot of her.. she was so absorbed doing her coloring ..

Yanna, younger sis of Yakyak.. pretty in pink ..

Onie ni-apil!!

Phoebe very happy on the carousel…
Thanks for inviting us, we sure had fun!